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Expert CodeIgniter Development Services At Ventrux

Do you want to build a world-class website? Or if you are looking for dynamic website development at faster pace, CodeIgniter professional web development company is the right solution. CodeIgniter is an open source framework based on PHP platform and designed to facilitate full featured web applications rapidly. Ventrux provides the array of expertise CodeIgniter development services for you.

Most developers like and prefer CodeIgniter because of its ease, simplicity and clean dev">>elopment conventions. One of its important features is its wonderful documentation of user guide which makes it easy to use for any coder. CodeIgniter provides solid data validation class that allows defining the set of rules and the data is validated automatically by the validation object. Even error messages can be automated. Besides these features, CodeIgniter provides many other fantastic features such as –

  • It provides sufficient collection of libraries
  • It allows easy active record implementation
  • No need to write raw SQL with its CRUD facility
  • It offers inbuilt facilities like caching, cookies, directories etc.
  • It offers the variety of inbuilt security tools
  • It provides handy set of tool packages like calendar, validation, zip encoding, unit testing etc.

Similarly, CodeIgniter applications offer many benefits to the website owners as well as gives great user experience to your clients.

Why Go For CodeIgniter?

Besides the popularity of CodeIgniter in the developer’s world, there are many reasons why website owners opt or prefer it to build their website. Here are some prominent reasons

CodeIgniter Services

Our team of certified PHP experts offers a wide variety of development services using the latest CodeIgniter 2.1.2, MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, OO PHP, PHP 4 and PHP5. Our CodeIgniter development services include –

  • CodeIgniter website development
  • CodeIgniter integration services
  • Customized web application development
  • CodeIgniter web portal development
  • Application migration services
  • CodeIgniter upgrading services
  • CodeIgniter maintenance and support

CodeIgniter gives a classic website that not only looks great but also gives outstanding performance. If you want to expand or upgrade you existing CodeIgniter website or want to design new CodeIgniter website, get in touch with our experts and we are here to give you the excellent quality solution.

  • Administration Dashboard CodeIgniter provides administration dashboard to website owners which facilitates to manage routine updates like creating new pages, swapping out images and many other functions with easy to use tools.
  • Easy configuration and customization It makes easy to configure files as well as adding customization features. It provides easy installation without concerning pear packages on the server.
  • Easy migration on servers It allows the migration from one server to another at ease.
  • Flexibility and management It offers excellent flexibility to add new functionalities without affecting the customization. The MVC based framework offers this flexibility and efficient management.
  • Fast implementation and minimal errors CodeIgniter assures the best practices that provide flawless application with minimal errors and helps faster implementation

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